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For over 60 years

For the past three generations, the Price family have built their business around pork. From producing pigs with superior genetics to strict processing standards and a thriving retail business, Sunterra is a name synonymous with quality.


Sunterra Meats Story
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Trochu Plant_Our Story

Sunterra Meats operates a federally-inspected meat processing plant in Trochu, Alberta.


We are committed to providing high quality pork for niche markets, both domestic and international. By owning and controlling each aspect of the production chain, we can consistently meet each customer's individual needs.

Sunterra Meats Trochu was purchased from a local group of farmers in 1989 and secured federal inspection status in 1993, allowing our pork to be shipped to a global market. We combine modern, humane processing techniques and highly skilled staff with an internationally recognized food safety program (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points - HACCP) to deliver an uncompromised product quality.



 Sunterra Meats' location in rural Alberta is no accident.

The western edge of the Canadian prairies is the perfect place to raise and process livestock, and our location allows us to have shipments crossing the Pacific ocean or into the United States within 24 hours.


Farm to Fork Diagram.png
Sunterra Farms   |   Est. 1970


Founded by the Price family of Alberta, Sunterra Farms (originally known as Pig Improvement Canada) uses superior hogs and industry-leading practices to produce top quality pork. Operations also include cropping and greenhouse production.

Sunterra Greenhouse   |   Est. 2020


The newest member of the Sunterra family, Sunterra Greenhouse, harnesses Alberta’s ideal sunlight conditions to produce fresh, ripe-picked produce year-round – a level of food security often made difficult throughout our cold Alberta winters. 

Sunterra Meats   |   Est. 1990


Located in Trochu, Alberta, Sunterra Meats processes Sunterra Farms' pork for Sunterra Market locations and international customers in Japan, China and California.

Soleterra d'Italia   |   Est. 2016


Using Sunterra Farms pork and authentic recipes from the Simonini family in Italy, Soleterra d'Italia creates cooked and cured meats sold at Sunterra Market, Calgary Co-op and select Sobeys locations.

Sunterra Market   |   Est. 1990


With eight retail locations across Alberta, Sunterra Market showcases Sunterra Farms' top-quality pork and provides fresh, wholesome and affordable food to customers.

For more information on Sunterra's production, processing and retail outlets, visit:

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