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All pigs entering Sunterra Meats’ production system have high health status and the ideal meat composition for high-quality, wholesome pork that is tender, juicy and flavourful every time.

Pork Loin


Meat from this area of the pig is the most tender. Loin cuts cook quickly and include favourites such as lean tenderloin, meaty back ribs, centre cut chops and roasts, sirloin chops and marbled rib roasts (the pork equivalent of prime rib).

Pork Ribs


Side ribs are cut from the belly, making them very flavourful when cooked low and slow for tender, delicious meat.

Pork Shoulder


Shoulders have extensive marbling that require low and slow cooking for the ultimate fall-off-the-fork, flavourful pork. Capicola collar steaks and roasts perfect for pulled pork can be found in Sunterra Market meat departments.

Pork Loin


The rear leg of a pig, from hip to knee, provides lean meat for a variety of preparations, like Sunterra’s smoked hams that offer traditional flavour for holidays and special occasions.

Pork Hock


Pork hocks are delicious when cooked slowly over low, moist heat, making the meat so tender it falls off the bone.



Sometimes referred to as offal, these internal organs of the pig are important staples in many regional cuisines around the world.



Sundry items include a wide range of long and short bones, jowl meat, and other items for many different preparations.



Sunterra Meats offers several types of fat trimmings, commonly used to mix with leaner meats for the production of sausage and other savoury meat mixtures.

Pork Belly


The best-known use for pork belly might be for smoky, mouthwatering bacon, but it is also delicious in its uncured form, seared and slow roasted to create crispy skin and flavourful, juicy meat. It’s also popular for use in Japanese hot-pot dishes or shabu-shabu.

Quality starts at the farm.


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