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From the foothills of the Rocky Mountains

Sunterra Meats' core principles allow us to produce the very best grain fed pork available on the market today.


Only the highest standards

Sunterra Meats has a simple philosophy: to achieve the industry's highest standards and provide exceptional customer service. 
The idea may be simple, but delivering on it takes a lot of dedication from many people - each with a critical role to play in meeting our customer's needs.


Nothing is more important

Food safety starts at our farms: Sunterra Farms' strict health and transportation protocols result in world-class market pigs entering our processing facility.

We are committed to ensuring we meet or exceed industry safety standards from processing through to shipping and delivery to our customers. 

Our facility is Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certified and federally inspected.


Respecting our livestock

With a proud history in farming and animal husbandry, we take animal well-being to heart. Our pig operations ensure animals are treated humanely, utilizing the latest in production technology, nutrition and animal health. From birth on our farms to processing at our plants, we take care that animals are treated with respect.


High-tech yet flexible

Our fabrication process combines the best of technology with human judgment and technique. Meat is processed under very strict temperature control with constant inspection and testing.

Sunterra Meats' highly skilled professionals cut and trim each piece of meat by hand to ensure our customers' exact specifications are met.


Designed to preserve quality

Sunterra Meats' customers are highly discriminating, demanding fresh product that arrives at market in excellent condition. To meet this challenge, we use state-of-the-art vacuum and shrink packaging technology that keeps moisture and oxygen away from the product. Specially-designed export cartons ensure quality is maintained during the export journey.


Farm to fork

At Sunterra, our pork is traceable from the farm it was raised on, the facility it was processed in and the market it was sold at, thanks to our unique vertical integration model. With all of our pork raised in Alberta, it’s a short trip from our farms to your fork.

Sunterra Meats is dedicated to working towards environmental and social sustainability through initiatives to decrease energy use and waste. Positive contributions to the local community are a pillar of our business and Sunterra Meats is committed to supporting rural employment and investing in Alberta’s agri-food economy.

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