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Through our integrity, commitment and continuous improvement, we will strive for perfect quality and service.


PRESIDENT - Ray Price (L)
GEN MGR - Richard Johnson (R)

In 1970 hog breeding stock was imported to the Pig Improvement (Canada) Ltd. (PIC) Nucleus farm near Acme, Alberta. This was the foundation of the PI Canada pig breeding business, managed by Dave Price. This pig population was the foundation from which many of the Pig Improvement Nucleus herds in North and South America were established. It also provided for the establishment of PI Canada multiplying farms across Canada.

Family interest turned to having more control of the quality of product for the pork consumer. In 1990 a small farmer owned plant was purchased at Trochu, Alberta, under the supervision of Ray Price. The plant has been a valuable asset in the assessment of meat quality and its acceptance by consumers, bringing with it the ability to adjust genetics, feed, handling and processing to become more efficient and conscious of freshness and quality. To read more about the people of Sunterra Meats - Trochu, click here.


  • Alberta based, family owned business
  • Federally inspected Pork processing plant
  • Fully HACCP accredited
  • One of the very few North American CO2 stun and skinless operations
  • 600-700 hogs per day slaughter facility
  • Carcass export both to Mexico and the United states
  • High demand by Japanese markets for Sunterra Meats pork
  • Growing company with advancement and training opportunities
  • Full time, paid training program
  • Starting wage of $13.34 per hour with incremental increases
  • Top wage of $18.00 per hour
  • Opportunity for advancement
  • Benefit program with flexible Health Spending accounts
  • Non-union
  • Positive employee/management morale and working conditions
  • Low cost of living in the rural town of Trochu Alberta, a short 50 minute drive southeast of Red Deer
  • Referral bonus program
  • Frequent job rotation
  • Profit sharing
  • We maintain full control of the genetic breeding, feeding and farrow to finish process for all of our products, not only from our own Sunterra Farms Ltd. barns, but also from those of our specially contracted suppliers.
  • Sunterra Meats-Trochu is an integrated, valued based company that thrives on exceptional quality from farm to fork!


Safety at Work! – This is not just a slogan at Sunterra! We believe it is the most economical way of doing business!

Management at Sunterra Meats – Trochu, is dedicated to providing a safe productive work environment for its employees. This commitment runs deep, right from Sunterra’s management Core Values through our Corporate Strategic Priorities

  • We maintain an active Health & Safety Committee that employees actively participate in. The employee safety representatives conduct daily inspections of their area and management listens to their concerns.
  • The General Manager and Line Managers participate in monthly plant wide safety inspections and are dedicated to promoting improvements in a safe work environment and encouraging employees to work smarter and safer.
  • Employees participate in paid stretch breaks throughout the day to limber up muscles
  • Employees have a say in design changes – who better to ask than the person doing the work!

Through management and employees efforts, Sunterra Meats is proud to announce that we have not only received the Certificate of Recognition from the WCB & Partners in Injury Reduction Program, but we continue to maintain this qualification through the years and therefore receive rebates on our WCB Premiums.

Sunterra takes pride in striving to do business better. Through dedicated safety management we will continue to set the pace as an industry leader in safe productivity.


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